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Home Car Pricing Kia Morning Price, Features and Best Deals 2020.

Kia Morning Price, Features and Best Deals 2020.

In this post, I am going to give you all you need to know about Kia Morning: features, specifications, and price of Kia Morning in Ghana.

There are a lot of Kia Cars on the Ghanaian automobile market.

Kia Morning happens to be one of the popular Kia Car models and one of the best-selling.

It was launched by Kia Motors in 2004.

kia morning price
Image Credit: www.carstuff.com.tw

You can purchase a brand new or used Kia Morning from any accredited Kia distributor or car dealer in Ghana.

This guide will include:

  • Kia Morning specs
  • Kia morning prices in Ghana
  • And a lot more.

If you are planning to buy a Kia morning for personal or business, you need to carefully read this article to the end.

Knowledge of the prices of new and home used Kia, will help you make a better decision prior to purchase.

Kindly share this article with family and friends who are planning to buy a Kia Morning soon.

Without wasting much time, let us have a look at the prices of Kia Morning in Ghana, after that we will look at the amazing specifications and features the car comes with.

I have grouped them according to different car dealers and their price quotes.

Also note that the price may differ (reduce or increase) depending on when you buy the vehicle.

The condition of the car, model or mileage greatly affects the price of a car.

Kia Morning Prices in Ghana.

Model Year Price in GHS (Range) Car Dealer.
2007 model GHC 12,000 – 15, 000  
2008 model GHC 16,000 – 17, 000  
2009 model GHC 18, 000 – 20, 000  
2010 GHC 18,000 – 22, 000  
2011 GHC 24,000 – 26,000  
2012 GHC 26,000  
2013 GHC 26, 000 – 27, 500  
2014 GHC 28, 000  
2015 GHC 29,500 – 30,000  
2016 GHC 30,000 – 32,000  
2017 GHC 30,000 – 35,000  


Kia Automobiles have several outlets in Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of the world.

In Ghana, you can get one at Rana Motors showroom or Auto Plaza Ghana.

You can also deal with credible middlemen dealers who import home used cars for sale in Ghana.

See list of car dealers in Ghana by click on the link below.

Car Dealers In Ghana.

Kia Morning Specifications and Features.

Know the specs of the car you want to buy.

Now let us see the amazing general features Kia Morning has for us.

Body type: 4 seater

Number of doors: 5

Engine capacity: 998cc (1 litre)

Engine coolant: water

Transmission: automatic

Drive wheels: Front wheel drive


Important Information.

I will be updating this post with the latest prices of Kia Picanto in Ghana.

Do visit us for subsequent updates.

Also if you need a detailed specification of a particular car, you can contact us on +233(0)203 256 997 or any of the car dealers listed HERE.

Thanks for reading. See you in the next post.

Much love from us.


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